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200 Million Users Messaging Giant LINE Partners Blockchain Project ICON

Join our group of 10 000 merchants on LINE is Japan’s hottest messaging platform.

In November, because the cryptocurrency market achieved a $zero.5 trillion market valuation, Buterin said that whereas the blockchain sector has offered some worth to main industries similar to finance and know-how, it has not performed sufficient to justify its valuation.

“So total cryptocoin market cap just hit $0.5T today. But have we earned it? How many unbanked people have we banked? How much censorship-resistant commerce for the common people have we enabled? How many dapps have we created that have substantial usage?” said Buterin, including The reply to all of those questions is certainly not zero, and in some circumstances it’s fairly vital. But not sufficient to say it’s $zero.5T ranges of serious. Not sufficient.”

Long-term partnerships and joint ventures between blockchain initiatives and large-scale conglomerates enable the event of blockchain platforms and purposes that might probably be adopted globally and really utilized regularly to exhibit the potential of the blockchain.

As for LINE, the ICON workforce stated that the LINE growth workforce was interested in the interoperability advantages offered by the ICON community and the technical capabilities of the ICON workforce.

“We believe this goes to show the quality of ICON team’s technical and business capabilities. At the end of the day, it’s about how comfortable you are working with your partners. Both LINE and ICON have strong mutual respect for one another,” stated the ICON workforce.

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